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The lungs, diaphragm, and chest wall are lined with thin membranes to provide greater ease of movement every time you breathe. These membranes are called the pleura. Often, victims of asbestos exposure can experience damage to the lining of the lungs and chest wall. Pleural mesothelioma is a cancerous disease affecting the pleura. However, benign conditions affecting the chest lining can be painful and adversely impact a victim’s quality of life significantly.

Scarring in The Protective Membrane Surrounding the Lung

Pleural thickening is a disease of the pleura that is often caused by asbestos exposure. As fibers migrate from the lungs into the surrounding lining of the chest, the immune system tries to rid the body of these foreign particles. Despite the body’s efforts to eradicate the asbestos, the fibers can become lodged in the membrane, causing scarring.

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The scarring, or fibrosis, in the chest wall can lead to extreme discomfort, difficulties in breathing, and other serious health consequences. Hardening of the pleura can significantly restrict lung function. Diffuse pleural thickening disease has been linked to respiratory failure and death in rare cases. Pleural thickening can occur by itself or in combination with other asbestos-related diseases.

Like any asbestos-related disease, symptoms take years to develop after the person was first exposed. Tracking down the details necessary to prepare an asbestos-related lawsuit requires extensive knowledge of the sources of asbestos exposure and the companies that may be held responsible. Not all asbestos and mesothelioma law firms address pleural thickening cases.

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At David C. Thompson, P.C., in Grand Forks, we are dedicated to holding negligent companies responsible for asbestos-related diseases. For that reason, many people in North Dakota, and nationwide, turn to us for aggressive advocacy to obtain justice for asbestos-related illnesses. Since 1984, we have fought to maximize compensation for asbestos exposure victims and their families. Attorney David C. Thompson is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator who will fight hard for a fair resolution to your claim.

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