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When people think about toxic chemical exposure, the most common scenario usually involves a major chemical spill harming many people. Large-scale chemical spills, however, are not the only cause for concern. At David C. Thompson, P.C., in Grand Forks, we pride ourselves on aggressively representing toxic exposure victims — no matter how large or how small the group of victims may involve.

Dangerous chemicals are used in household products, businesses, and public places throughout North Dakota every day. When a chemical manufacturer is negligent in causing harm to an individual or a group of people, we have the resources, legal experience, and drive to investigate, prepare and present a convincing product liability case aimed at achieving results.

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Do You Have a Third-Party Claim for Your Occupational Disease?

Exposure to toxic gases, compounds, and chemicals are real risks for many individuals working in the oil and gas industry, construction and industrial trades, and other jobs. Oil field injuries related to tank gauging and similar duties, exposure in the transportation industry related to leaking materials and exposure to asbestos on the job in many industries are common occupational hazards. Whether due to a sudden event, or inhalation of dust and fumes over time, the consequences of toxic exposure are often life-altering. For many workers, a third-party personal injury claim may be necessary to obtain optimal results and justice.

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We draw on more than 30 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death litigation to fight for optimal compensation for victims of toxic exposure injuries involving:

For more than 30 years we have focused on giving injury victims and their families a strong voice in court to hold negligent companies accountable for the harm they cause. You will not be handed over to a junior associate. Attorney David C. Thompson has earned a reputation for his approachability, strong command of the law, and exceptional trial skills.

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